Pleasure P’s 17-Year-Old Son Wanted for Murder, Left Man’s Body on Side of Road

According to the Miami Herald, Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr., 17, the son of Pretty Ricky artist Pleasure P, is wanted for the October 8 murder of 24-year-old Tyron Arthus. Arthus’ body was found lying on the side of I-595 after police say he was shot by Cooper.

On November 1, Broward County detectives received an arrest warrant from a Broward County judge, charging Cooper with first-degree premeditated murder with a firearm. The sheriff’s office released a statement calling “Cooper “armed and dangerous,” adding that “the investigation into the homicide is ongoing.”

Sheriff Gregory Tony added that he won’t stop until Cooper is in custody, stating that “Leaving someone to die on the road is an atrocity we can’t accept. Eventually you will run of territory and you will find yourself in the care and custody of this agency.”

Source: Miami Herald

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