Pilot Arrested at Airport After Police Find 100 lbs of Meth, Multiple Guns on Plane

According to reports, a pilot was arrested after authorities found a little over 100 lbs of meth and multiple guns in a plane.

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Badlands McNally, 29, on Wednesday after being stopped by authorities to inquire about the plane he was using. Local authorities received a tip when the Customs and Border Protection notified Homeland Security Investigations Tulsa Agents about a plane landing at 10 PM reportedly carrying narcotics and weapons.

After being questioned, Badlands admitted that he was carrying drugs in the plane. The arrest report says he told police “he was worried he may get his head chopped off,” as a result of the arrest.

The search yielded two duffle bags containing 101.7 lbs of meth and two pistols. Badlands is facing charges for aggravated trafficking of illegal drugs and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Source: fox23.com

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