Pennsylvania Police Officer Busted on Video Trying to Meet an Underage Boy

A group of “concerned citizens” busted a 54-year-old Pennsylvania police officer during an underage sex sting.

Clifford Horn was confronted on video Sunday by vigilante group Colorado Ped Patrol in Atlantic City.

“We’re just having a conversation with a gentleman trying to meet with a child,” Thomas Fellows says as Horn is allegedly caught in the act. “Your zipper’s down, by the way. You’re standing in front of the running car. We got your text messages. Listen, man, you want to talk and tell us why you’re here?”

Horn denied trying to meet with an underaged child and attempted to walk away from the group. Horn had said his name was “Matt” in alleged texts between himself and the group posing as an underage boy. Later in the video, Horn was seen getting arrested.

Atlantic City police later confirmed Horn was among four men charged on Sunday for luring and enticing a child. The vigilante group provided responding officers with screenshots of conversations between themselves and the suspects prior to the arrests.

Horn allegedly reached out to the vigilante group on Grindr, believing he was setting up a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old boy. He and the three other suspects have been released on a summons. The other suspects were identified as 51-year-old Jose Machuca, 26-year-old Sambatrimiaina Raminoson, and 49-year-old Eugene Pulley.

Horn was suspended without pay on Monday.

Source: CBS Philly

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