Passenger Plane Carrying 132 People Crashes Into Mountains in China

A China Eastern Airlines jetliner carrying 132 people crashed in the mountains in southern China’s Guangxi region on Monday (March 21), which was confirmed by China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC). The CAAC added that there were 123 passengers and nine crew members on the flight.

A witness, only known by his surname, Liu, spoke with Beijing Youth Daily, stating, “The plane fell vertically from the sky. Although I was very far away, I could still see that it was a plane. The plane did not smoke during the fall. The fire started after it fell into the mountain, followed by a lot of smoke,” the witness, who was only identified by his surname, Liu, said. My heart was thumping. I immediately informed friends about the situation, that this area is dangerous and not to come nearby.”

The death toll has not been officially released, but video footage showed the plane nose-diving into the mountainous region and a huge fire in the area of the crash. The Boeing 737 lost contact with emergency services before “suddenly descending” around 2.19 pm, according to government officials. Rescue efforts are currently underway in the area of the crash.

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