Parents of Georgia girl killed in house fire arrested following 3-month manhunt

A Georgia couple is facing child cruelty charges over the death of their 10-year-old daughter in a house fire, after being caught by authorities following three months on the run.

William Linn McCue, 47, and Carina Wisniewski McCue, 38, both of Loganville, were nabbed on the Appalachian Trail Wednesday by members of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Fugitive Unit, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. They were charged with first-and second-degree child cruelty in a deadly Easter Sunday fire that killed young Zoe McCue. Both are being held without bond.

The child’s 15-year-old brother has already confessed to deliberately starting the blazeand is facing charges of first-degree arson, malice murder, and felony murder.

Three other McCue children were placed into state protective custody, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Upon arriving at the April 17 blaze, rescue crews found Zoe dead inside the home in a makeshift bed set up with bedding in a bathroom tub.

The couple fled following the incident and a later investigation found unsanitary and dangerous living conditions in the home, including nonfunctioning toilets and bathtubs and that the kids had not been to school in years.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported in May that state records showed two prior incidents in which the parents were investigated for child abuse including one that led to William McCue’s arrest.


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