Over 300 arrested on Gulf Coast, including 92 alleged gang members

More than 300 people were arrested and $4 million seized at the end of a six-month operation aimed at apprehending alleged gang members and other violent offenders in Texas, federal officials announced.

The investigation, named Operation Triple Beam, produced 351 arrests, including 92 alleged gang members, the confiscation of 86 guns, $4,360,968 and 32 kilos of illicit drugs, according to the US Marshal Service. The probe — headed by the Gulf Coast Violent Offender Task Force in cooperation with several federal and state agencies — stretched from April 7 to Sept. 30.

The investigation zeroed in on street and prison gangs that operate in Nueces, Aransas and San Patricio counties in the Lone Star State, the US Marshals Service revealed.

Source: NYPost

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