OnlyFans Girls Storm Off Podcast During Heated Discussion with Kevin Samuels

YouTube personality Kevin Samuels joined on the “Fresh and Fit” podcast’s discussion with three female content creators on OnlyFans. Known for his unfiltered takes on women and relationships, it didn’t take long for him to offend the women and cause two of them to storm off the podcast.

The conversation was centered around the long-term viability of a career as a content creator on OnlyFans. Samuels argued that the money the women are currently making will not last unless they’re properly investing.

“The money you’re making is seasonal,” Samuels said. “There will be a new ‘It’ chick every season. And what ends up happening is if you don’t take the money you have while you’re hot, and if you’re not flexible enough to listen to people who know better, you’ll just have a lot of money that you blow.”

Referring to OnlyFans as a “bubble economy,” he called the women’s projections of OnlyFans optimistic and asked if they honestly thought they’d increase their income over the next ten years. The conversation became heated as he questioned how the women were investing their money and they responded by saying he had no place to tell them how to earn their income.

“I feel like you say you were being respectful but you weren’t. As a man, I feel like you have no place to tell women how to make their money and then you’re referring to it as a sex industry,” said one of the women. “Just because you have an OnlyFans doesn’t mean you’re having sex on it. You could be cooking on OnlyFans, you could do whatever you want. So I feel like, I’m just offended.”

Samuels cut her off and responded, “We have every place, we built the god**** world you live in. The platform you’re on is built by men. Nobody made this about men or women.”

During his response, two of the women left the table. Samuels continued by saying the women left because their lack of knowledge was exposed then proceeded to deliver a monologue about women on OnlyFans.

“When women can’t handle it they leave,” he added. “This is the point, this is about business. Business isn’t offensive, but when people and their lack of knowledge gets exposed they get offended. They call themselves experts and business owners and everything else, you’re online strippers…Your ignorance is what offends you. It’s offensive to me that you’re gonna try and make this about men and sexism. This is what the world has done — it’s got little, pampered princesses who can get online, make some money, and think they’re on the same level as men who built this world and they’re not.”

Samuels also said the women aren’t able to be taken seriously in the business world and attributed various inventions to men before offering a grim future for sex workers on the online platform.

“That’s [why] you just saw them leave because they can’t go get on to Wall Street, Main Street, anywhere into a bank, into anybody’s business, and be taken seriously with their so-called business plan or their golden market strategy,” Samuels continued. “You’re taking what the world has given you, your creator’s given you, and you put it online. Thank men for building the internet, the computer, the smartphone, and everything else that allows you to sit up in your luxury apartment and get paid for showing your feet. We did that, you didn’t. And in ten years, when no one wants to see your feet or your G-string or your tattoos or whatever else…carry yourself on and when OnlyFans stops, Subway will be hiring.”

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