Oklahoma Teacher Caught on Video Calling Student the N-word is Suspended

A White teacher at the Holdenville High School in Oklahoma was placed on administrative leave after she was filmed calling a Black student the N-word.

Social media users identified the teacher as Mrs. Diane Bennett, who engaged in a tense interaction with the student after she overheard him telling someone about his plan to walk home. The video footage showed the teacher physically blocking the student as he attempted to leave the classroom. At one point the student threatened Bennett, telling her, “I’ll know your a** out.”

Unfazed by the student’s threat, Bennett told him he wouldn’t hit her or else he’d end up in a juvenile detention center. Afterward, the student told her, “S***, better watch where you touch me, n****,” to which the teacher replied, “You better get yourself over there n****, do it!”

A loud gasp was heard as students were shocked at her use of the racial slur. During a staredown, she told the student, “I asked you, I said ‘What would happen if I said?’ Right?”

After the staredown, the student snatched Bennett’s mask off her face and threw it down as he stormed away. The clip cut and reappeared to show the student walking out of the classroom as someone threatened to call the police.

The video of the incident, which reportedly took place on April 9, was shared on Facebook before going viral across the internet and outraging parents.

“I want her out of the classroom,” said Shawna Jim, a parent of one of the students in the classroom. “If she thinks language like that is acceptable or appropriate in a classroom full of students like I don’t think she should be an educator.”

School officials also responded by placing the teacher on administrative leave pending the end of an internal investigation.

“Holdenville Public Schools’ main priority is the safety and well-being of our students,” said Superintendent Randy Davenport. “The district is fully aware of the incident that occurred at our high school on Friday, April 9, 2021. At this time, the staff member in question has been placed on administrative leave and will be through the duration of a full investigation is completed.”

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