Oklahoma Pastor’s Wife and Her Lover Charged with Husband’s Murder

According to reports, an Oklahoma pastor’s wife and her lover were recently arrested for plotting and carrying out his murder.

Kristie Dawnell Evans, 47, was arrested on Thursday and confessed to playing a role in her husband’s fatal shooting. Pastor David Evans, 50, was shot at the couple’s home around 1 AM on March 22 by Kristie’s lover, 26-year-old Kahlil Deamie Square.

The arrest affidavit states that Square met with the couple “on more than one occasion” to have sex before plotting the pastor’s death with Kristie. “On one of those occasions, Kristie secretly dropped her phone number on the floor for Kahlil,” said an investigator. “Kristie continued to communicate by phone daily with Kahlil without David’s knowledge.”

Kristie told authorities that David was verbally abusive and frequently called her “slut, fat, ugly, and whore.” She had Square at the couple’s home during March 17-19 while David was on a missionary trip in Mexico. According to the affidavit, Kristie told Square during their time together, “it would be nice to have more freedom.” After which, the two began plotting David’s murder.

“The plan was for Kahlil to come into the house in the middle of the night and shoot David with the gun and ammunition that actually belonged to David and that Kristie had given Kahlil,” said OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) Capt. Beth Green.

The day before the murder, Evans posted a picture on Facebook of the necklaces David sent to her from Mexico. “So, every day I opened a card and was reminded of how blessed, loved and lucky I am!” Kristie wrote. “I love you so much, David!!!!”

The following day, Kristie left the backdoor to the couple’s home unlocked and allowed Square inside. She then urged him to “proceed with the plan” and hid in the living room while David laid in bed sleep. Kristie said she waited until she heard a “pop” then called for help as Square slipped out the backdoor.

She also admitted to providing Square with the alleged murder weapon and ammunition. Evans is being held in the Pontotoc County Jail and Square is in the Cleveland County Jail.

Source: nypost.com

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