Oklahoma Man Leads Police on High-Speed Chase on ATV Across 2 Counties

An Oklahoma man was arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase through two counties on a stolen ATV.

“I can tell you that this guy possibly has one handcuff on one of his hands. I believe they had him in custody at one time,” said the chopper pilot following the chase.

The suspect, now identified as Lucas Strider, 27, was in police custody before the chase and somehow escaped the patrol car and slipped into the woods. When he emerged, and he had managed to procure a 4-wheeler from a nearby homeowner. The homeowner joined the chase alongside law enforcement before losing him as Strider made his way out of the area.

Strider reached a top speed of 70 MPH on the ATV before being forced off the paved road into a muddy puddle. As Strider was flung from the 4-wheeler, law enforcement pounced on the 27-year-old. Strider was previously apprehended for stealing copper wire, but after the chase, he is now facing charges of driving with a canceled, suspended, or revoked license, grand larceny, and petit larceny.

Source: youtube.com

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