OJ Simpson Goes Viral After Woman Dodges His Kiss in a Bar

OJ Simpson is going viral after a Tik Tok video shows him interacting with a woman in a bar.

In the video, the woman, who goes by mackenziegd1998 on TikTok, is hyping up OJ for being out in public, as she tells the camera, “OJ, baby! He’s out!” As the woman faces OJ and the two smile at one another, OJ appears to lean in for a kiss, which the woman denied.

The video quickly circulated online, with people adding their own OJ jokes in the TikTok. One user wrote that OJ saw the woman’s blonde hair and started having flashbacks. Another spun Johnnie Cochran’s “If the glove don’t fit” argument to, “If the kiss don’t miss, you must dismiss.” Check out the full video above.

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