OJ Da Juiceman Fires Back at Waka Flocka and Deb Antney

OJ Da Juiceman followed Waka Flocka’s response to his podcast interview with a series of insults directed towards Waka and his mother, Deb Antney.

“D*** in the booty a** n**** you a whole h*e, p**** a** n****,” OJ Da Juiceman said in an Instagram Story post. “You ain’t on no gangster s***. N**** ain’t neva seen you do nothing gangster p**** a** n****. You a whole h*e, n****. F*** you talking ’bout, n****? You and your weak a** mama. F*** both of y’all.”

He continued by claiming that Waka DM’d him to say he wanted “no smoke” prior to publicly speaking out against him. OJ also clarified that he was simply telling his truth on the “Big Facts” podcast and doesn’t need to rap for money.

“Not one time did I come on that motherf****** show talking ’bout I need some money back,” he added. “You know I already came in the game with paper, b**** a** n****! You need to rap for money!…you used to be a n**** bag boy, c’mon man. C’mon man you wasn’t no hitman, you was a hypeman.”

Neither Waka Flocka nor Deb Antney has responded to OJ Da Juiceman’s latest remarks.

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