NYC Surgeon Divorces Beauty Queen After Finding Out She Was a Call Girl

A New York City spine surgeon ended his marriage to former Miss Connecticut USA after claiming she tricked him into marriage by hiding her “secret life as a prostitute for wealthy men.”

Dr. Han Jo Kim and Regina Turner settled their divorce after 41-year-old Kim sought to annul the marriage in the 264-page filing. Kim accused 32-year-old Turner of earning nearly $700,000 in cash from customers since 2015. He reportedly filed for divorce in December 2020 after discovering incriminating text messages from another man on a computer.

During the pair’s separation, Kim claimed he found out Turner was working as an escort before their 2015 marriage and continued throughout their union. His ex’s alleged financial records showed many of her deposits coming from a New Jersey real estate executive and a lighting designer’s UK-based company.

While dating, Turner reportedly told Kim she was living off of a $500,000 inheritance from her great-grandmother as she worked on developing an app supported by a wealthy investor. Throughout their relationship, Turner covered up her alleged sex work by telling Kim she was going out with friends or traveling for work.

Kim also accused Turner of lying about her education. While she said she was a chemistry major at the University of Connecticut before deciding to compete in the Miss USA Pageant, Kim claims she failed to graduate high school.

Source: New York Post

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