NYC Mob Boss Carmine ‘The Snake’ Persico Revealed to be Informant

New York City mob boss Carmine ‘The Snake’ Persico has a storied history, with people like Michael Franzese speaking on their run-in with Persico. While the former mob boss had a reputation for ruthlessness, it now seems ’The Snake’ has become a rat, as it was revealed that Persico was a “top echelon informant” for the feds.

Court documents that surfaced noted that Colombo crime family boss Carmine Persico was an informant, and the information stems from a 1971 government document that names members of a “Top Echelon Informant Program.” Four names from the Colombo family appeared on the list, which included Persico.

The list reportedly stems from a Freedom of Information lawsuit that was able to get confidential documents from the Justice Department. Former attorney for Persico—Anthony DiPietro said, “There is no truth to this allegation, and the supporting record is substantively worthless. Having served as Carmine’s lawyer, I can attest that he was not an informant nor did he provide information to the Government. Until this day, Carmine remains a giant among men, and I was honored to represent him in the many contentious legal battles he fought against the Government.” Persico was prosecuted by Rudy Giuliani and got 39 years in one case and 100 years in a second case where he represented himself.


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