NYC McDonald’s Worker Shot & Left in a Puddle of His Own Blood Over ‘Cold Fries’

An unidentified McDonald’s employee was recently found on the sidewalk, lying in a puddle of his own blood, following a heated dispute with a customer over an alleged botched order of fries. According to reports, the 23-yea-old man was gunned down just outside of a McDonald’s restaurant located at 1531 Fulton Street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, around 7 pm on Monday, shortly after a woman named Lisa Fulmore (40) walked into the eatery to pick up an order that she made through the McDonald’s mobile app. But, what should have been a routine transaction at the register slowly evolved into an ordeal that slightly irked the customer.

“The fries were cold,’’ Fulmore said. “I asked the girl to change the french fries because the fries was cold. She went to the french fry machine for maybe 10 seconds and brought back fries, so I thought they was new fries, so I had left. So I taste the fries, and after I got to the third one, it was a cold fry still. So I went back to take the food back [and] I asked her, ‘Why would you give me the same fries and just put one or two on top to make me think that you gave me new fries?’ She started laughing, and all of them started laughing, acting like it’s funny.”

The mother of three continued, “I was like, ‘What’s funny? I paid for food, and I should get what I asked for.’ They laughed at me…One of them was like, ‘All of this over fries?’ So now I’m arguing with them back and forth. The boy where they cook the food at was like, ‘You got all this food in your teeth.’ So I said, ‘You wanna take it out? You’re saying I got all this food in my teeth, you wanna take it out?’ ”

From there, things escalated as tempers flared, and the McDonald’s staff members continued to crack jokes at Fullmore’s expense. Therefore, Fullmore took out her cellphone and called her 23-year-old son, who just so happened to be in the area, and when he pulled up to the restaurant, he was none too pleased with the way his mother had been treated by the McDonald’s staff.

“You all gotta back off my mother!” Said Fullmore’s son before asking one of the McDonald’s workers to step outside with him.

About 10 minutes after the verbal dispute, the employee who was propositioned by Fullmore’s son to step outside obliged him and exited the building. This proved to be a costly mistake because shortly after leaving the restaurant, without his uniform on, the McDonald’s worker found Fullermore’s son, who then shot him in the neck and fled the scene. In the aftermath of the gun incident, Fullmore claimed that she saw ‘something tucked under his big blue shirt’ of the McDonald’s worker as he left the eatery. But law enforcement contests that it’s unlikely that the victim was carrying a gun because he did not have a criminal record. Nevertheless, Fullmore remains steadfast in her viewpoint that the McDonald’s employee instigated the occurrence from start to the very end.

“There was no reason for him to go outside looking for somebody,” Fullmore said. “Whatever happened outside, you caused that to happen.”

Fullmore and her 23-year-old son were arrested shortly after the incident, but the mother will not face any charges. The shooter is currently in police custody, while the victim remains in critical condition at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center.

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Source: MSN

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