NY Crew Used Apple Watches to Track and Rob Drug Dealers, Net $500,000

A seven-person crew based in the Hudson Valley in New York is accused of tracking drug runners with Apple watches to rob them, according to federal prosecutors in papers filed on Tuesday (August 17).

The alleged leader of the group, 30-year-old Darren Lindsay, is accused of putting an Apple Watch linked to his AT&T account underneath the bumper of a car that belonged to a drug-runner. The car was then tracked to a hotel parking lot in Hartford, Connecticut, where the robbers smashed the back window to search inside. They found nothing in the car, and they spotted the victim in the garage the following day.

The victim was beaten up, and his phone, wallet, and a key to his hotel room were stolen by the robbers. Indigo Grant, an alleged member of the robbery crew, went into the victim’s hotel room and stole a bag containing $500,000. The crew then went back to Middletown, New York, where the money was divided. Beforehand, they took photos with the massive amount of cash, which you can see above.

Source: New York Post

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