Nutter Butter Receives Blacklash for Tweeting: ‘N is for the Way You Nut at Me’

With iconic international names such as Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers under the same cooperate umbrella over at the Biscuit Company known as Nabisco, marketing opportunities for lesser-known brands such as Nutter Butter are far and few in between. Sometimes in the business of marketing, you have to seize opportunities for yourself, by any means necessary. Perhaps that was the thought process behind a puzzling Tweet by the social media account manager(s) over for Nutter Butter, that left many of their followers questioning their integrity while others simply posted humorous memes and snickered at the sexually suggestive nature of the cryptic message.

Yesterday, the following message was posted on Nutter Butter’s Twitter account:

“N is for the way you nut at me.”

After seeing the disruption that the message caused throughout social media, the company posted another Tweet that somewhat provided a bit of context to the previous message.

“Wait what are u guys freaking out about i was just singing,” the tweet read.

When that didn’t calm the storm of reactions, the social media account manager(s) for Nutter Butter got serious and addressed the company’s followers with an official statement.

“I’d like to address my nutty actions yesterday on Twitter dot com,” the company wrote. “While I would not go so far as to say it was out of character, it WAS an outdated song reference. And for that I apologize. As a cookie born in the year 1969, I have fond memories of Nat King Cole’s 1964 banger L-O-V-E. If there’s one thing on my mind, it’s love. This Tweet was all about love and I hope my gen z audience can forgive me.”

Technically, “N is for the way you nut at me,” is not a part of the song lyrics for “Love” by Nat King Cole and it never was. Instead, it’s a comedic derivative that Nutter Butter created and posted online.

Like it or not, the Tweet has garnered a lot of attention for the company and people seem to be getting a kick out of it. Scroll up to take a look.

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