Nurse, 22, had sore throat which led to her developing scaly ‘leopard print skin’

A 22-year-old nurse’s sore throat led to her developing “leopard print skin” across her body.

Ashling Armstrong said she first noticed red marks on her chest in January but dismissed them as acne.

However, within a week they had spread across her entire body, and Ashling was diagnosed with Guttate psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a skin condition which causes flaky patches of skin which form scales and affects around 1-in-50 people in the UK.

Ashling said her doctor told her the sore throat she’d had around a month before her spots first appeared likely triggered her psoriasis.

The avid-gym-lover spent months trying to cover up the red patches on her skin because of the “embarrassment” and they were often mistaken for severe burns by strangers.

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