NJ Man Gets 150 Yrs in Prison for Fatally Shooting His Parents, Sister & Family Friend

On New Year’s Eve of 2017, a teenager named Scott Kologi killed his own mother (Linda Kologi), father (Steven Kologi), sister (Brittany Kologi, and family friend (Mary Schulz). It all started when Scott summoned his mother up to his room, where he waited for her with the lights off, before shooting her dead upon entry. According to reports, he then shot his father, followed by his sister and companion of his grandfather. The dreadful act took place at the family’s home in a beachside city called Long Branch (New Jersey). The assailant is said to have conducted research on how to best utilize his high-powered gun in the event that he also encountered resistance from police officers in bulletproof vests, following his premeditated crime. Amidst the slaughter, Scott’s older brother and grandfather managed to escape the house with their lives.

On Thursday, Scott was sentenced to 150 years in state prison by Superior Court Judge Marc C. Lemieux, who also determined that the 20-year-old perpetrator will have to serve out at least 85 percent of his stint behind bars before he can even be eligible for parole (in accordance with the state’s No Early Release Act). Upon declaring his ruling, Judge Lemieux called Scott an “evil man” before saying, “The intention of this court is that this defendant never sees the light of the outside of a jail cell ever again. I hope one day, you realize the magnitude of what you’ve done here.”

Although the aforementioned murder was committed by a minor, that did stop one of Scott’s cousins from declaring that he should receive the death penalty. While assistant Monmouth County prosecutor Sean Brennan asked the judge for two consecutive life terms.

“These were acts of evil carried out by someone who knew exactly what he was doing,’’ Brennan said. “He killed them because he could. He killed them because he wanted to.”

Scott will not have the chance to become a free man again until 127 years and six months into his sentence. For more on this story, click the link below.

Source: NY Post

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