NJ County to Pay its Largest Police Brutality Settlement Ever to Paralyzed Black Man

Eight years ago, a Black man by the name of Xavier Ingram attempted to flee from police rather than facing the consequences of an outstanding warrant for his arrest. But his escape was unsuccessful as he accidentally fell to the ground. When the cops caught up with the young man, shortly thereafter, they stepped on his neck and handcuffed him. The way in which they manhandled Ingram after he had already been subdued, caused the victim to become paralyzed. The arresting police officers would go on to contest that notion by claiming that Ingram caused the injury to himself when he fell during an escape attempt. Therefore, Ingram filed a federal excessive force lawsuit against Camden county, its police department, and the individual officers involved.

After years of battling it out in court, Camden county has finally agreed to pay Ingram $10 million for the aforementioned act of police brutality. According to Ingram’s attorneys, this deal is the most lucrative deal in the history of settlements related to police brutality. Nevertheless, it appears as though not everyone on the side of Camden county is in agreement with the outcome.

“Based on the settlement, the county maintains and continues to maintain, that no wrongdoing took place and is not liable for any of the actions and circumstances of the aforementioned incident,” Camden County spokesperson Dan Keashen.

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