Nick Young Calls Out Lil Nas X for New Song, Lil Nas X Responds

>Lil Nas X recently dropped the song “MONTERO,’ and the song gained a lot of attention, mainly for the video which featured the artist giving Satan a lap dance. While others laughed at the visual, many people have overreacted to the visuals put forth by Lil Nas X. Now, Nick Young has given his take on Lil Nas X’s latest work, and of course, the artist responded.

Nick Young took to Twitter and said “My kids will never play Old Town road again. I’m still debating about wearing @Nike after this come Nike a drop of blood for real.” Young is referencing an Air Max 97 that is supposed to drop in relation to Lil Nas X, and the sneaker in question is allegedly supposed to feature one drop of blood.

The artist has since then responded to Nick Young, saying “They shouldn’t be playing old town road anyway, we streaming call me by your name now.” Take a look above.

Source: Page Six

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