NFL’s Derrius Guice Accused of Sexually Harassing Woman, 74, While at LSU

According to reports, NFL free-agent Derrius Guice is being accused of sexual harassment by a 74-year-old woman who claims her encounter with the former pro-running back left her “scarred.”

Gloria Scott laid out what transpired when she encountered Guice in 2017 to the Louisiana Senate Select Committee on Women and Children. At the time, Guice was still a standout for the LSU Tigers when Scott claims he came to her and said:
“I like to f**k women like you, you older women, because y’all know y’all like us young men to f**k y’all, […] And, you know you want this body.”
Scott said she responded with, “‘Young man, respect me.’” She went onto explain, “‘I am a grandmother, and I have grandkids. How would you like somebody to talk to your grandmother this way and handle this like that?’ I said, ‘My grandsons are not like this.’ And he told me, ‘F**k your grandsons. They don’t know nothing, you and I are going to the hotel so I could f**k you.’”
After several minutes, Scott said Guice and his group of friends finally left her alone. However, after reporting the incident to the LSU Tigers coaching staff, specifically head coach Ed Orgeron, Scott said nothing happened. To make matters worse, Orgeron denied ever speaking with Scott and said he had had knowledge of the incident but “was not sure [it] happened.”

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