New York Psychiatrist Says White People Are “Psychopathic”

Marc Lamont Hill recently had an interview with a psychiatrist named Dr. Aruna Khilanani, who had some now-viral views on White people, essentially calling them “psychopathic.” Khilanani said their behavior dates back to the “discovery” of the United States.

The New York psychiatrist spoke to Hill on his ‘Black News Tonight’ show and said, “Every time you (whites) steal a country, you loot, you say you discovered something.” Hill went on to ask her, “Would it be fair to say based on your expertise that White people are psychopathic?” The doctor responded by saying, “I think so. Yeah … the level of lying that White people do that has started since colonialism – we’re just used to it. Every time that you steal a country, you loot, you say you’ve discovered something. I mean, this level of lies [is] actually part of history.”

Khilanani went in further on her point, saying, “White people actually – they have a different conscious experience of themselves, rather than what they’re actually doing. So I’m saying the reason they can’t get it at this moment in time…is what is White identity? How do they view themselves that is actually very different from their actions? So sort of naming that problem first so that we can actually move forward and talk about race.” The doctor was previously under fire in April 2021 for saying that she had violent fantasies about killing and shooting white people during a lecture to students at Yale. Watch above.

source: TMZ

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