New Orleans 911 Operator Wanted for Intentionally Hanging Up on Callers

A 25-year-old 911 operator is on the run after facing charges for allegedly disconnecting calls on purpose.

Precious Stephens hung up on callers without taking any information or notifying dispatchers of emergency situations, according to the New Orleans Police Department. Stephens was reported to the police by the Orleans Parish Communications District, on August 23, after investigating her calls on August 20 and August 21.

“[The Orleans Parish Communications District] has and will continue to cooperate with the investigation into this matter and is dedicated to providing any and all assistance to aid in (the) efforts,” read a statement from the district.

Stephens was fired from her job before going on the run and has been on the loose since Thursday. She’s been charged with malfeasance and interfering with an emergency communication and faces five years in prison.


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