New Mexico Middle Schooler Taken into Custody After Killing Classmate

A 13-year-old was taken into police custody on Friday after allegedly shooting a classmate at an Albuquerque, NM middle school.

Authorities are calling this a “lone incident” where the alleged shooter gunned down his victim on the schoolyard during lunch break. Police say a school resource officer was able to deescalate the situation and apprehend the shooter.

“It’s just a terrible day for APS. It’s a terrible day for this community,” said Scott Elder, superintendent of Albuquerque Public Schools. Elder noted that the Washington Middle School staff kept the other students safe and “showed tremendous courage and strength in keeping the other students safe and calm and got them out safely to their families, especially our school resource officer who ran towards the event and tried to help.”

While there will be no classes held on Monday, school staff will be “working with counselors and therapists to help prepare so that when the children return we’ll be equipped to handle them and their concerns in coming back to the school.”


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