Nevada Woman Accused of Killing Husband While He Was on Video Call

According to reports, a Las Vegas-area woman allegedly shot and killed her husband while on a live video call. Authorities say the woman then tried to claim it was a suicide.

Emily Ikuta, 37, has been arrested for the murder of her husband, Jourell Ng, 36, who was killed on March 22. The arrest report states an acquaintance of Ng’s who was “on a live chat with (Ng) during the time of his murder” reached out to police afterward.

“They informed detectives they heard (Ng’s) dog barking in the background of the call, prior to hearing a slapping noise they believed was a gunshot,” authorities say. The acquaintance then heard a yelp followed by silence.

When Ikuta called the police, she told “dispatchers she had returned home from walking her dog when she found Ng face down, collapsed on the floor. He was having trouble breathing.” However, a neighbor told police that they overheard Ikuta and Ng arguing just before the shooting. Upon further investigation, authorities found many inconsistencies with Ikuta’s framing of the story.

“Below the body of (Ng) there was no large pooling of blood that was expected had (Ng) been found face down, as Ikuta stated she had found him,” police wrote. Ikuta claimed her husband accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun. But “the cleaning mat used was rolled up on the second shelf along with the cleaning tools, solvents, and gun oil,” but none of the cleaning supplies were used as Ikuta claimed.

Ikuta remained at the Clark County Detention Center as of Monday.


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