NC Man Arrested for Drugs Tried to Conceal Glock to Look Like Nerf Gun

Narcotics Investigators with the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office recently carried out a search warrant at a home, where they found cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana, and about $2,300 in cash. They also found 25 guns, and among them was a Glock 19 concealed to look like a Nerf gun.

The gun was a converted rifle with a fifty-round drum magazine and it was painted orange and blue and featured the Nerf logo on the side. The Catawba County Sheriff’s Office said that the gun isn’t necessarily illegal, but it’s something that’s concerning to them.

Damien Alonzo Burch, 35, was arrested and charged with felonious possession of cocaine, felonious possession of mushrooms, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He is being held on a $20,000 bond.

Source: KSDK

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