NBA YoungBoy Says He’d Rather Do a Song with 6ix9ine Than Some Rappers

NBA YoungBoy recently had a conversation with DJ Akademiks on Clubhouse, where he revealed that he’d work with Tekashi 6ix9ine before he’d work with other rappers in the industry.

YoungBoy explained, “I’ll do a song with 6ix9ine before I do a song with half of these p***y ass n***as, ya hear me?” After Akademiks said that YoungBoy would be killed for saying that, the Louisiana-born rapper replied, “The industry can suck my d***. I ain’t got sh*t — I ain’t got nothin’ against him. That sh*t ain’t gon nun to do with me. I wasn’t in his situation.”

YoungBoy went on to say that people can speculate about what they’d do in Tekashi’s shoes, but they don’t really know until they’re put in a similar situation. Akademiks then told YoungBoy that he’d reach out to Tekashi, to which he replied, “He can hit you. I’ll have a conversation with him. I just told you I ain’t got nothin’ to do with all that p***y a** sh*t. His business don’t concern my business.”

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