More than 300 people dead in Haiti after 7.2 earthquake

According to reports, a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit near the western section of Haiti, which resulted in almost 30 people dying, along with much damage to the country.

News of this follows the looming shadow of the assassination of the president of Haiti. Haiti’s director of civil protection—Jerry Chandler, spoke to AP and said the death toll was at 29, and search and rescue teams were being sent to the area.

Civil protection officials noted that the epicenter of the earthquake was almost 7.5 miles northeast of Saint-Louis du Sud.

Haiti’s new prime minister—Ariel Henry, spoke on the earthquake, saying, “I appeal to the spirit of solidarity and commitment of all Haitians, to unite to face this dramatic situation that we are currently experiencing. Unity is strength.” He continued, saying, “We will make the necessary arrangements to assist people affected by the earthquake in the Southern Peninsula. We must show a lot of solidarity with regard to the emergency.” According to NBC News, Haiti may have to brace themselves for another storm—Tropical Storm Grace, which could appear on Monday. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: NBC News

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