Monkey in Bulletproof Vest Dies in “Cops vs La Familia Michoacana Cartel” Shootout

In addition to being known throughout the Western Hemisphere for brutal killings, producing massive amounts of drugs, and finding innovative new ways to move weight from country to country, Mexican drug cartelleaders are also famous for their collection of exotic animals, from lions and tigers to panthers and jaguars. This is a trend that is believed to have been popularized by the former leader of the Medellín (Colombia) Cartel, Pablo Escobar back in the 80s and 90s.

A frantic shootout between federal forces and the Familia Michoacana cartel recently took place in a residential neighborhood in Texcaltitlan (Mexico). The unyielding gunfire between both sides resulted in 11 gang members being killed and three members of law enforcement being injured. The heated exchange of gunfire sent a plethora of animals belonging to the cartel in various directions. Shortly after the showdown, a large Bengal tiger was seen roaming the streets while a dead corpse of a monkey in a bulletproof vest was recovered from the scene after the law enforcement gained control of the area. It is being widely speculated that the primate died in the arms of its owner, who was also killed in the exchange of gunfire, but that notion cannot be confirmed until after an autopsy has been performed.

In the aftermath of the aforementioned incident, seven gang members were arrested for their transgressions, authorities recovered about 20 assault riffles and the deceased monkey was given its own Corrido (a commemorative traditional folk song) to honor its life. Law enforcement officials in Texcaltitlan are strongly considering the idea of adding animal trafficking charges to their case against the Familia Michoacana gang members who survived the infamous shootout

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Source: CBS News

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