Mom Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Her Kids, Tried to Kill Neighbor But Gun Failed to Fire

A 38-year-old woman named Trinh Nguyen sent shockwaves throughout her neighborhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia on Monday when news broke that she allegedly shot both of her sons in the head while they were sleeping before attempting to do the same to a neighbor who tried to investigate the nearby commotion. Luckily for the neighbor, Nguyen’s gun jammed just as she pointed the black revolver at his face and pulled the trigger. This gave him the opening that he needed to disarm Nguyen with a “bearhug.” Following the confrontation, Nguyen managed to escape the maneuver and flee the crime scene in her white minivan until she was apprehended by local authorities about four hours later.

Nguyen was found at United Methodist Church in Washington Crossing and immediately taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center first because it is believed that she was under the heavy influence of narcotics at the time. According to reports from the DA’s office, it is also believed that Nguyen had the intention of taking her own life. As of now, the cause of Nguyen’s alleged transgressions is not known but it has been revealed that she owed her landlord nearly $11,000 in unpaid rent during the time of the aforementioned shootings.

Upon her arrest, Nguyen was charged with three counts of attempted murder, which included the incident with her neighbor. She was also charged with criminal homicide and one count of possession of an instrument of crime. As for her two sons, the nine-year-old and 13-year-old were placed on life support, Monday, where they will remain hospitalized until their organs can be donated. Officials have stated that the victims are not expected to survive their wounds. Therefore, if and/or when they are pronounced dead, Nguyen’s charges will be upgraded from attempted murder to murder.

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Source: MSN

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