Mike Tyson on Logan Paul: He’s Gonna Get Beat Badly by Floyd Mayweather

Previously, Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul were seen getting into an altercation while at the press conference for his brother Logan Paul and Mayweather’s upcoming fight. The altercation found Jake Paul leaving with a black eye after snatching Mayweather’s hat off of his head. Now, Mike Tyson has chimed in with what he thinks is going to happen in the scheduled fight.

While talking to TMZ, Tyson was asked who he thought would be victorious in the match-up, when asked he thought the Paul brother would win, Tyson responded by saying “No. He’s gonna get beat up pretty bad.”

The legendary boxer was asked if either brother had a chance at besting Mayweather if they got a chance to fight him, with Iron Mike noting neither of them could take the seasoned boxer. Tyson was then asked if he would ever fight either brother, to which he replied no because he actually likes those guys. Watch above.

source: TMZ Sports

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