Mike Tyson Filmed Repeatedly Punching Passenger on San Francisco Flight

TMZ obtained video footage of Mike Tyson repeatedly punching a passenger on a flight bound for Florida out of San Francisco International Airport.

The incident happened on Wednesday (April 20) night, and a witness on the plane claims that Tyson was cool with him, his friend, and the rest of the passengers after boarding the flight. The witness added that Tyson took a selfie with him and his friend, who was overly eager about speaking with the boxing legend.

Tyson allegedly became annoyed with the friend of the witness speaking in his ear, and he told the guy to chill out. However, Tyson got fed up when the man didn’t comply, and Tyson turned around and punched the man repeatedly in the face. Following the altercation, Tyson exited the plane.

The man who was punched reportedly sought medical attention, and he also spoke to the police. As of now, Tyson hasn’t been arrested or charged.

More details to come.

Source: TMZ

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