Michael Vick Reportedly Facing $1.2 Million Lawsuit Over Unpaid Debts

Michael Vick has had a storied career and an intense ride in his personal life. The former NFL quarterback found himself getting wrapped up in numerous financial troubles after his career, with the player previously being $17.8 million in debt in 2008. Reports surfaced noting Vick is now facing a $1.2 million lawsuit over unpaid debts.

Vick received a loan in Maryland in 2018, and now creditors are saying Vick never paid the loan off. As a result, the creditors are having their case heard in a Broward County circuit court.

Arthur Jones—a lawyer for Vick, said, “Michael Vick takes these matters seriously and is aware of the proceedings and will be sure that all parties who are entitled to receive payment will be paid. However, usurious calculations which produce absurd results should not be countenanced by the courts of Florida. Therefore, all appropriate defenses will certainly be utilized. Further comment on any shenanigans which lead to situations like this may be made available at a later date.”

According to the Miami Herald, Florida law protects Michael Vick and his family’s South Florida home. However, items and assets like sports memorabilia, jewelry, and cars could be up for the taking. The Herald also noted Atlantic Solutions sold the former NFL player’s debt to SMA Hub. The company then divided the interest from his loans and split it into six people, with the group going after him with the lawsuit.

source: Miami Herald

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