Mexican Mayoral Candidate Murdered After Live Post, 34th Candidate Killed

Mexican mayoral candidate Alma Barragan was shot dead on Tuesday just an hour after a Facebook Live post.

In her live video, Barragan invited voters from three different neighborhoods to hear her campaign speech. The 61-year-old shared her location as she was campaigning in Mexico’s most dangerous state, Guanajuato. Considered a new politician, she was seeking to become mayor of the city of Moroleon.

“Hello, how are you? I’m here in La Manguita with Pedro Guzman,” Barragan said in her video. “If you like to join me, come and hear my proposals. Come to spend a moment together. Together we do better. Thank you. I’ll wait for you here.”

Barragan is the 34th candidate to be murdered ahead of the June 6 elections and is the third nominee from the Citizen’s Movement party to be killed in the past 15 days. Most of the 34 candidates were running for local posts.

“It is unthinkable that participating in political life means putting one’s life at risk,” the Citizen’s Movement party said in a statement. “This is the most violent election in Mexican history, and in Citizen’s Movement we are not willing to act as if that is normal.”

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador believes Barragan’s murder was carried out by organized crime gangs. He claimed candidates have been getting killed to scare away voters.

“When there is a lot of abstentionism, the mafias dominate the elections,” he said.

The June 6 elections will reportedly determine more than 20,000 political positions. Since September 2020, 88 total Mexican politicians have been assassinated.

Source: The Daily Mail

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