Mexican Gang Allegedly Kills Mayor 10 Days After Being Sworn Into Office

According to reports, a Mexican gang that hasn’t identified themselves has claimed to be responsible for the death of Mayor Benjamin Lopez Palacios this past Tuesday.

The incident has made headlines, because the organization allegedly took responsibility for the murder via a propaganda banner. The murder took place only ten days after Palacios was inaugurated. The Mayor was recently inaugurated on January 1. Along with that, the group says they plan on moving forward with more assassinations.

Media central to the Xoxocotla area reported that three men visited the Mayor’s home to find aid for a fake project and ultimately fired shots at Palacios before running off. As of now, no arrests have been made in the murder. The gang that claimed the life of the Mayor did so by putting up a ‘narco manta’ against a gate near a cemetery in Punt de Ixtla.

It was revealed that Palacios was elected in June 2021 after his brother Juan Lopez Palacios was elected but passed away from a heart attack seven days later.

source: Daily Mail

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