Men Have Been Rushing to Get Vasectomies in Record Numbers Post ‘Roe v. Wade’ Ruling

In the wake of an immense amount of political backlash and inner-fighting amongst American citizens regarding the moral infrastructure of ‘Roe v. Wade,’ it is now being reported that worrisome men all over the country have been rushing to the doctor’s office to “get snipped.” Medical experts attribute the uptick in vasectomies to the fact that abortion could soon be illegal in over half of the 50 states in America. Charles Monteith, a doctor (and medical director at A Personal Choice vasectomy and reversal clinic) in the state of North Carolina, a place where abortions are illegal, has reported that his clinic has received more than three times the amount of inquiries about vasectomies since ‘Roe v. Wade’ was overturned back on June 24th.

“I’m normally scheduled out for two to four weeks, now, I’m scheduled out for three months,” Monteith said. “We have seen a dramatic increase in inquiries and contacts through our website and calls.”

Healthcare workers and medical directors in other states have indicated similar increases the surgical inquiries and procedures related to vasectomies, especially amongst males under the age of 30. Esgar Guarín, an Iowa-based doctor best known for successfully conducting a vasectomy on himself, reported an increase in traffic to his facility’s website of 250 percent immediately following the overturning of ‘Roe v. Wade.’ While the Pleasant Hill resident is pleased with the intent behind their actions, he did express his concern that it took a nationwide political dispute for men to become more aware of their proclivity for producing offspring in an unplanned fashion.

“At least men are waking up in our country and saying this is something we can do. That’s very nice,” Guarín said. “The problem to me is that it took restricting the right of an individual to be able to make decisions about her own body for men to start waking up.”

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Source: Vice

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