Meek Mill Opens Up About the ‘Freakiest’ Thing He’s Ever Done

Meek Mill was the latest celebrity to chat with Dirty Street Confessions about some of the dirtiest things about his sex life. In particular, Meek revealed that eating a** is something he’s done in the bedroom before but noted that he’s not yet a “professional.” He even recounted where he learned his technique.

“I got taught how to eat a** by a Philly girl,” Meek said, before describing the taste as something akin to “unseasoned lamb chops.” When asked about the freakiest thing he’s ever done, Meek revealed it was spitting in a woman’s mouth.

In a second segment, Meek also recounted having an orgy in London with 16 women. However, when asked to elaborate on the sexcapade, Meek appeared to back off the word orgy. “We ain’t had no orgy,” he said. “I don’t wanna seem like a hoe.”


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