Mayor, Police Chief in Iowa Arrested for Strong-Arming Residents for Cash

According to reports, Armstrong, IA is mired in controversy after its mayor, police chief, and county clerks were arrested in a scandal that involved stealing money, threatening civilians, and falsifying records. Moreover, court records show one civilian was assaulted with a Taser and shaken down for cash by one of the defendants.

“Mayor Greg Buum, police chief Craig Merrill, city clerk Tracie Lang, and former city clerk Connie Thackery were charged with felony and misdemeanor offenses in a 21-count joint trial information approved by the Emmet County District Court,” authorities say.

Charges were filed on Feb 11 after several years of investigation. During that time, authorities were able to uncover allegations of theft, felonious misconduct in office, tampering with records, assault with a dangerous weapon and falsifying public records.

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