EXCLUSIVE: Maryland Woman Filmed Threatening Teen Skateboarder with a Gun

A Maryland woman was recently filmed threatening a teen skateboarder with a gun after an apparent dispute.

According to Montgomery County authorities, the incident took place on Jan. 16 over a traffic dispute. While it was not specified how the police obtained the footage, it was released to the public on Tuesday.

It’s not immediately clear what sparked the confrontation, but cops say things escalated quickly after the driver approached the teen skater. “One of the female suspects approached the juvenile victim and interjected herself in the dispute,” authorities say.

“The second female suspect went to a red Volvo that was parked in the area and drove it close to the dispute. She then gave a handgun to the first suspect, who used it to threaten the victim. Witnesses captured the incident on their cell phones.”

Authorities are still searching for the armed suspect and are investigating the case as a first-degree assault with a handgun.

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