Man Who Spent 20 Years in Prison Released After Twin Confesses to Crime

Kevin Dugar has been freed from the Cook County Jail in Chicago after serving nearly 20 years for a crime that his identical twin brother committed.

The reason for the lengthy sentence stems from the deadly shooting of a rival gang member back in 2003. Kevin’s twin brother, Karl Smith, confessed to the crime in a court of law about six years ago. However, the admission was met with a lot of skepticism because of the relationship between the two siblings. In addition, Karl Smith was already serving a 99-year sentence for a home invasion that resulted in a child getting shot in the head.

Although Kevin Dugar has been released from prison, he still is not been completely exonerated as his case is under review. While his defense team works on clearing his name for good, Kevin Dugar will be living at a residential transitional facility.

Scroll above for additional images of the twin brothers.

Source: NY Post

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