Man Who Filmed Rodney King Beating Passes Away from COVID-19

According to reports, the man who filmed the Rodney King beating delivered at the hands of the LAPD—George Holliday, has reportedly passed away after contracting COVID-19.

Holliday’s business partner and one of his close friends confirmed that the man passed away while he was hospitalized in Simi Valley, California. Holliday had been in the hospital since August 2021 and was bedridden due to pneumonia. It was also noted Holliday was not vaccinated.

Holliday was reportedly using a ventilator the last few days of his life and had an oxygen tube when he was first admitted. The ventilator came along as his condition got worse. Holliday’s last outgoing voicemail message referenced the fact that he was dealing with COVID-19 and pneumonia. Holliday’s footage of King being beaten is arguably one of the catalysts along with the acquittal of the four officers who beat King that sparked the 1992 L.A. Riots.

source: TMZ

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