“Had he raised that gun, he would have got shot and we would have been in court, trying to defend ourselves,” said Joe Perillo.

One year after the entire nation missed out on in-person Christmas shopping, “Smash and Grab” robberies have become the new holiday craze at malls and stores all across America. The phenomenon has reached such terrifying heights that it prompted the LAPD Union Boss (Jamie McBride) to warn the people of America that their safety couldn’t be guaranteed if anyone dared to enter the city of Los Angeles during the Winter season. To make matters worse, the city of Los Angeles appears to have spawned a more advanced adaptation of the “Smash and Grab” tactic that now incorporates flash mobs and multiple get-away cars.

Smash and Grab crimes have become so widespread, in metropolitan cities all over the country, that the FBI and DOJ may soon get involved, if the police are unable to contain the burglaries.

Source: FOX 32 Chicago