Man Seen Chasing Woman in Viral Video Arrested for the 38th Time

A surveillance clip of a woman narrowly escaping her male attacker went viral earlier this month. The video shows the 50-year-old woman returning to her apartment around 2 a.m. and slamming the door just as her would-be attack ran around the corner in an attempt to catch up before she entered the residence.

“There were two guys outside, and they were looking suspicious,” the unidentified woman said. “He followed me inside the building, and he said ‘Miss, miss,’ twice.”

The woman recalled quickly opening her door once she realized the suspect was waiting around the corner and acknowledged that she barely escaped danger.

“I feel very scared,” she said. “I was saying, ‘What if? What if I had the top door locked? What if I had the top door locked?’ He could’ve gotten me.”

After weeks of investigating the incident, which occurred on Sept. 23 in the Bronx, the police identified and apprehended 41-year-old Orisha Luckey. According to records, Luckey had 37 prior arrests prior to being apprehended last week.

Orisha Luckey has been charged with attempted burglary, harassment in the first and second degree, and criminal trespass.

Source: ABC 7

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