Man Says Jacquees & Dreezy Fight Was Over His Refusal to Sell Them Cocaine

The man involved in a fight with Jacquees and Dreezy spoke out about the incident and refuted Dreezy’s claims after his release from jail.

“Fresh outta jail in Mexico for fighting that b**** a** n**** Jacquees or whatever his name is,” he said. “Him and his b****, they lying on me.”

After footage of the altercation circulated online, Dreezy explained that she punched in the face by the man when she walked in on the confrontation between the man and Jacquees. She added that Jacquees body-slammed and kicked the man in the face after she was assaulted.

The unnamed man gave his take of the incident on social media and claimed the public only saw the last seconds of the altercation. He also claimed that the fight started after he refused to sell the couple cocaine and marijuana.

“His girl is lying because she wanted to buy two joints that I had and I didn’t wanna sell it to her,” the man claimed. “They was trying to buy coke from me, they was trying to buy weed from me, and that’s why we got into a fight. ‘Cause I didn’t want to sell them the two joints that I had. They both coke heads. They both disrespectful, and he thought he could talk to me any kinda way just ’cause he’s a celebrity and he got touched him. You know what I’m sayin’? I touched him and I touched ol’ girl. I don’t care what the internet is sayin’ about me. If y’all know me, y’all know how I am, hey, you know what? They got me out here lookin’ bad, but I’m still out here doin’ me and it is what it is.”

Look above to view statements from the man and Dreezy.

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