Man Robs & Kidnaps Roommate at Gunpoint, Ties Him in Car After Asked to Move Out

Houston Police are on the lookout for Joshua N DeLoach, 29, after he was caught on surveillance footage robbing his roommate Justin C Iwuji, 31, after being asked to move out of Iwuji’s home.

The incident took place earlier this month on May 8, and Iwuji revealed that DeLoach pointed a gun at him, and demanded he get down on his knees. DeLoach then forced Iwuji to open his safe, where he took some personal items and transferred $6,000 from Cashapp. From there, DeLoach says he was put in a chair inside of his shower and told to say his final words.

However, DeLoach put Iwuji inside of his vehicle and bound his hands and feet after asking Iwuji, “Do you want to do this here or do you want to gamble?” Iwuji stated that he was offering DeLoach money, but DeLoach kept Iwuji tied up while driving around Houston. After DeLoach got out of the vehicle, Iwuji managed to free his fingers from the duct tape and escape to find help.

Iwuji was able to flag down someone in a truck, who called 911. Iwuji’s vehicle was later found abandoned, while police are still searching for DeLoach.

Source: KHOU 11

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