Man Reportedly Shot by Wife’s Lover She Had Secretly Living in Their Home

According to reports, an Alabama man was arrested after a shootout with his lover’s husband.

Police say the incident happened on Sunday night around 9 PM when homeowner Frank Reeves was alerted by his wife Tracy Reeves that an intruder was inside their home. Reeves grabbed his gun and commenced to engage in a shootout with the supposed “intruder.”

However, authorities later learned that the intruder was a man Tracy was having an affair with who she housed in a room unbeknownst to her husband, Frank. The shootout ended with both men getting shot, Reeves in the chest and Amacker in the leg. Both men were transported to a local hospital.

Amacker was later charged with attempted murder, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of a firearm with an altered serial number.

Authorities found bottles of urine inside the room where Tracy’s lover, Michael Amacker, lived, suggesting he occupied those quarters for “quite some time.”

Tracy was arrested days later after meeting with investigators while reportedly being high on meth. Police searched her vehicle and discovered the prescription drug methenamine. Tracy was subsequently arrested and charged for possession of a controlled substance.


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