Man Pleads Guilty to Ordering Hit on Ex-GF, Planned to Blame BLM Activists

According to reports, a Florida man faces a 10-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to ordering a hit on his ex-girlfriend and her husband.

Daniel Slater, 51, admitted in court on Friday that he had meetings with an unnamed individual about carrying out the murders. What’s more, Slater also planned to pin the murders on BLM activists by having his accomplice spray paint “Black Lives Matter” on the home.

Slater reportedly offered to pay the hitwoman in drugs and money. He also inquired about the services of another hitman, but the plan was never carried out.

Slater’s ex-girlfriend, Brianna Kane, previously filed a restraining order against him. “Daniel Slater has made many threats against my life and threats to my family and friends,” Kane’s petition read. “I’ve found two trackers on my car since we’ve been apart. I’ve noticed a heavyset girl following me around and taking videos of me.”

Per Newsweek:

The hitwoman was identified as Brianne Slabaugh in a March report from the Sun-Sentinel, while the other individual was Slabaugh’s boyfriend. Slabaugh was found dead in the Florida Everglades on February 22, 2020, of what a medical examiner ruled was an overdose of heroin and cocaine.


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