Man Picks Up Bobcat and Launches it Across Yard After it Attacks His Wife

A video of a man picking up a bobcat and throwing it across his yard after it attacked his wife is going viral.

The video shows a man saying “Good morning” to a woman jogging on the sidewalk, and he remarks to himself that he needs to wash his car before unlocking his vehicle. As he opens the rear door, his wife appears in the lower lefthand screen and starts screaming, “Run! Run!” as the bobcat appears to grab at her.

The man then runs to his wife’s aid, and he picks up the bobcat, runs to his yard, and launches it several feet while screaming to the jogger, who seemingly returned to help, to beware of the bobcat. As the bobcat runs away, the man exclaims, “I’ll shoot that f**ker!” You can watch the wild incident unfold above.

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