Man Hijacks Houston Ambulance at Gunpoint With Patient and EMT Inside

This past Friday night, a man in Houston reportedly stole an ambulance and then held a patient along with medics at gunpoint.

Investigators noted the medics were making their way to the hospital with a patient on board when they were forced to stop by a man in another vehicle. The man in the other car made the driver get out of the ambulance at gunpoint, then drove off. Police said that the man reportedly fired off shots on traffic while he was driving on the freeway.

The man was caught after a medic onboard calm hit up dispatchers who made the call to police. The cops eventually caught up with the ambulance and forced the vehicle off the road. As of now, 43-year-old Brandon Warren has been arrested for the incident, and was charged with felony evading arrest, aggravated kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

source: KIRO 7

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